Our Vision

Pioneer the creation of immersive games and build authentic gaming experiences by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies. Simultaneously, cultivate vibrant and sustainable ecosystems that propel blockchain gaming into the forefront of mainstream adoption.

Our goal is not just to establish, but to redefine ourselves as the premier gamified ecosystem within the industry, delivering unparalleled experiences and unlocking the limitless potential of AI in blockchain gaming.

Product and services

Blockchain Integrated Games

Experience a gaming universe where your digital achievements hold real-world value with our Blockchain integrated games. Securely mint and seamlessly trade in-game assets as NFT’s, empowering you to establish a decentralized player economy.

AI Training Assistance

Revolutionize your training routine and unlock your full potential with our AI Training Assistance bot. Immerse yourself in scenarios that mirror real world opponents and develop effective strategies that elevate your gaming mastery.

AR NFT Marketplace

Explore curated collection’s of AR NFT’s that transcend traditional boundaries, turning your surroundings into an enchanting canvas of interactive experiences. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s a gateway to a new dimension of possibilities.

White paper

“Build immersive and authentic games that harness cutting-edge technologies, while simultaneously creating healthy and sustainable ecosystems that drive blockchain gaming into mainstream mass adoption


Start of Zeus

2021 Spring

Zeus FPS game design completed

2022 Summer

Zeus blockchain integration

2023 Fall

EtherStrike Early community testing

2023 Winter