Since 2021, Zeus have released multiple game titles on top of different blockchains: Ethereum, Chain Verse and Skale.



Start your journey to the New World.

Samuki was born on the planet of Meta and has always dreamed of traveling to distant worlds, winning battles and to be the greatest warriors in the world.

When portals to other dimensions with hostile monsters began to appear in his home world, he was one of the first to defend his home planet. He decided to go on a raid alone to sweep the hostile territory.

A familiar blacksmith forged him a special armor from the rarest materials and made him the sharpest sword that does not lose strength.



Ultimate Racing Game Journey!

Be a Kart champion, destroy as many enemies as possible to earn a SkyPod to race our skies!
3D game ready Karts assets give players the ability to upgrade from there base kart with updates to Tire friction, Max forward speed, Max backward speed, Aero dynamic, Rolling resistance and starting abilities. These karts will give players the upper hand when battles begin!

Ether Strike


Run, shoot, survive.

Ether Strike is the game that places the player in the perspective of a character who is armed with more than 20 variations of weapons and must engage in combat with enemies. The player navigates through a series of locations, encountering enemy characters who must be defeated in order to progress. The game has many game modes, different kill strikes and advanced level system.

AR Games

Get ready and brace yourself for an unprecedented level of excitement as we transport you into a realm where digital entertainment seamlessly merges with the real world.

Zeus Runner

3D browser game with unlimited level where player run, dodge obstacles and earn coins to buy perks and new characters. Leaderboard is integrated.

Zeus Fighter

3D browser game with unlimited level where player can choose Male or Female character to fight against criminal. Player can also use gun and knife to destroy enemies faster. Leaderboard is integrated.


2D browser game with unlimited levels where Ghost Hero collect points and run away from monster ghosts. Player can also use big round perk to attack and disable enemies. Leaderboard is integrated.