RPG Game & NFT Collection

Samuki was born on the planet of Meta, has always dreamed of traveling to distant worlds, winning battles, and to be one of the greatest warriors in the universe. When portals to other dimensions with hostile monsters began to appear in his home world, Samuki was one of the first to defend his home planet by going on a raid alone to sweep hostile territory. A familiar blacksmith forged Samuki a special armor from the rarest materials and made for this valiant warrior the sharpest sword that does not lose strength. Are you ready to go with Samuki to an unknown land and walk with him all the way to victory?

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Samuki Swords

NFT Game-Ready Swords

Warriors can't wage war without the deadliest and most powerful of weapons right... Introducing the Forgotten Forge of Meta. A game-ready ten-thousand (10k) collection of swords in multiple styles, sizes, and power ranks to collect and couple with your Samuki warriors for powering through any enemies that stand in your way.

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The Funkies

NFT Collection

A ten-thousand (10k) collection of 3D Avatars with a twist! With customizable goggles, these Juice-drinking, fast-driving fashionable freaks from the depths of the tinfoil tunnels are the latest creation from a mad scientist… The origins of the Funkies: Have you ever sat back and wondered what would happen if you cross yeti DNA with that of an ape? Well, thankfully you don’t have to wonder anymore! Our mad scientist has taken this and turned it into reality! That’s right folks!, a freak experiment has come wildly alive and the funk you smell is that of success!

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NFT Collection

Ghosts came to be in a strange but simple way deep in the tinfoil tunnels while experimenting on a new juice solution. Our friendly mad scientist had been working for days and was in the middle of transferring the solution from the element to the boxing table when the whole batch slipped and spilled everywhere!! Gasses glowing and weird smells started to take over the lab… the smell was strong and glow was bright, but the strangest of all was the gas seemed as if it had taken on a life of its own! What is this new creature from the depths and is it something the mad scientist can make sense of?



NFT Collection

Warriors can’t wage war with out the deadliest and most powerful of weapons right… Introducing the Forgotten Forge of Meta. A game ready 3333 collection of maces multiple styles Sizes and power ranks available to collect and couple with your samuki warriors and power thru any enemies that stand in your way.

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NFT Collection

These 3D game ready assets give players the ability to upgrade from there base kart with updates to speed, handling, power and starting weapons these karts will give players the upper hand when battles begin!

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Angels of Zeus 2D

NFT Collection

Zeus Network presents its first female empowerment pfp collection of 10,000 beautiful warrior angels. They are ready, willing and waiting to be matched to their perfect holder on the Ethereum blockchain! The beautiful warrior Angels of Zeus have arrived and not only are they powerful and inspiring, they feature rarity based staking and other amazing incentives that reward members of the Zeus gaming ecosystem!
Holders of the 2D Angels of Zeus collection will be whitelisted for the upcoming 3d Angel Collection.

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Angels of Zeus 3D

NFT Collection

Coming Soon

A Decentralized Platform


Zeus will provide an unprecedented AR, VR and AI experience for the crypto community, bringing users together via an all-in-one immersive and engaging environment.


Introducing Zeus

AR & virtual platform

Embrace a multi-layered interactive augmented and virtual reality metaversal platform that allows you to participate in exciting adventures where the only limit is your imagination.

Journey into where dreams become a reality and experience your NFTs in Web3, AR, VR, or in the Metaverse. Here, where imagination becomes a journey and dreams become a reality, users can explore the fullness of their NFTs.

Join the revolution today and discover how Zeus can brighten your NFT experience!



Zeus NFTs

Massive opportunities for NFT artists and projects were launched globally in 2021.

In 2021 alone, NFT sales reached a scale of up to $25 billion!

Speculative crypto assets have exploded in popularity, even though there were signs of a slowed growth towards the end of the year.

So, what is next?


Zeus NFTs

Zeus NFTs will grant you exclusive access to benefits that are incomparable.

OG Holders of Zeus NFTs get extraordinary perks! Staking, access to the game locations, alpha & beta game testing.

NFT Projects coming soon

AR Marketplace


AR ZEUS Marketplace

An augmented reality (AR) marketplace with a virtual showroom to showcase your NFTs in the real world.

Why Zeus?

Provides an all-in-one NFT platform for creators.

Earn rewards in Zeus tokens when you mint, stake, and trade your NFTs.

Capture and share special moments of your collectible NFTs to earn rewards.

B2B: Creators may mint and list NFTs to earn rewards.

Samuki RPG Game


Samuki RPG Game

The hero, Samuki, must run through all sections of the island to make a complete sweep of all monsters. The island is divided into six (6) main locations + one (1) conservation location.

After a complete sweep and killing of the level boss, Samuki moves to the next level of difficulty. There are one-hundred (100) levels in total. With each level, monsters get ten-percent (+10%) more attack power and ten-percent (+10%) more life level. Also, at different levels, there are monsters of different types that have increased characteristics – a type of location bosses, which can be more than one.

Every ten (10) levels, a separate location with a mega-boss appears, which the player will require a lot of time and a high skill level to kill.



Voxel Metaverse

The creation and generation of worlds in Voxel Worlds takes place according to a unique seed. After purchasing the NFT world, the user is given a unique code that he needs to enter in the game so that the system shows the user in real time how his unique world is created and formed. Each seed is unique and stores all the information about this world – all buildings, modifications, locations, and so on. At the initial stage, ten-thousand (10,000) unique worlds are available, each of which differs in landscape, the number of minerals (which can be mined or sold), size, and unique characteristics.




Zeus Karting


Zeus Karting

Zeus Karting is an Multiplayer Game that works in the format of a Battle Royale with the maximum allowed number of players at twenty (20). Players sit in their kart and use the attacking materials scattered all over the level to destroy as many enemies as possible.




Earning opportunities


Users will be able to buy and sell Zeus via both decentralized and centralized exchanges. All Zeus from purchases will be publicity burnt to decrease the overall supply of the token.

Zeus will also be required to purchase items from within the Zeus Platform; for instance, use Zeus to buy and upgrade lands, obtain whitelists to NFT collections, and pu items from within the marketplace.


Zeus makes it possible to combine ERC-721 partner smart contracts within different blockchains into a single network that supports interaction between all elements of the ecosystem. Staking takes place in the user's personal account. Upon staking activation, a holder can continue to use their NFT in internal projects, as well as earn coins in games.


Zeus, as it allows players to not only earn by playing games, but also to burn tokens in order to increase their value. Game coins can be exchanged for Zeus tokens in your account.

token utility


2.5% of commission is redistributed among all Zeus token holders. 2.5% is burned to increase the value of the token. 2.5% goes into the liquidity pool. 2.5% go to the project team.

Constant provision of user rewards, which are achieved through the constant movement of tokens and their use in various elements of the project

Providing liquidity on a decentralized exchange, not only at the expense of developers, but also at the expense of user transactions

Zeus will work on a Governance model. Token holders will form part of that Governance council. Each NFT will vote via a DAO.